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5 Advantages Of Muscle Activation Techniques

5 Advantages Of Muscle Activation Techniques

Muscle Activation Technique, or MAT, is a training system designed to restore balance and enhance function in the human body. When one in every of your muscle tissues turns into too tight (hypertonic) or weak (inhibited) it could actually affect the operate and range of movement of the joint it crosses. MAT exercises search to optimize the contraction of a selected muscle, which in turn offers stability and increases your range of motion.

An example of a MAT exercise to assist improve hip flexion begins with putting the ft shoulder-width apart. Lift your left leg by squeezing your abdomen muscle tissue and contracting the fitting gluteus muscle, which creates a robust anchor for your hip flexors. Keep the alignment in your hips for 30 to 60 seconds, then repeat with the opposite leg.

Workouts can also embody reverse box jumps—starting on top of the box and leaping all the way down to work on staying level and moving without dipping—circuit training and footwork drills using rubber rings or resistance bands, in an effort to preserve an equal distance between the feet.

Additional benefits of adding MAT to your workouts embody:

Increased Strength: You’re not working at your full potential if your whole muscular tissues aren’t communicating successfully together with your brain. If only 50 % of your muscle tissues are functioning, then you might actually double your energy with MAT.
Improved Coordination: Your brain desires to keep your body safe from injury, but in doing so it sometimes formulates "blind spots" in the best way you move. Your brain tells your body to make use of the strongest muscle mass to get from point A to point B, even when these muscular tissues don’t operate together in a clean line of movement. MAT helps strengthen the muscular activation therapy tissues that move in a direct path, making your movements faster and more coordinated.
Improved Flexibility: Inhibited muscle mass can ship the improper feedback to your brain and restrict your range of motion. For those who’ve been stretching for years without broadening your range, MAT may show you how to see some improvements.
Lower Risk of Injury: MAT will increase stability by strengthening weak muscles. If you find yourself landing fallacious in a sport, you’ll be much less prone to tear a muscle or injure yourself.
Less Pain: Ache is normally the result of long-time period muscle dysfunction, or bad movement patterns which were repeated for years. Mix this with improper communication between muscle groups and the brain, and also you’re sure to be hurting. MAT improves the brain-muscle communication loop, which can lower pain.