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Review Le Plateau

Review Le Plateau

The course is concentrated and efficient

With a total of one hundred twenty hours of formal courses at school, 20 hours of self-examine within the night and, 24/7 communication in English, we've got developed a program TO DISCOVER the language potential of our students. Instead of selecting main city facilities, Le Plateau selected locations to be situated at Mang Den - about 50 km from the middle of Kon Tum city. This place is considered as the second model of Da Lat with wild mountain forests, clear blue sky and quiet, so this is the proper environment for students to FOCUS all of their minds. improving their English proficiency.

Le Plateau has a philosophy that training only performs a role to guide learners. Academics right here will provide you with methods which can be suitable for each individual and the environment so that you could develop your own language skills after the course at the center. All of which serves only one function, which is OPTIMIZING language ability for students. Le Plateau doesn't have an elixir that will help you speak English like a native. Le Plateau is also a guide so that you can confidently light a torch.

Appropriate curriculum
Before the start of every course, students shall be consulted in accordance with their needs and take an English proficiency test to categorise into the proper degree as follows:
- Class English BootCamp (Primary): for you "lose basic English" need to talk in fundamental English.
- English BootCamp (Advanced) class: for those who have a primary English background and need to develop skills in speaking, giving presentations and writing to serve the purpose of work and study.
- Pre-IELTS class: for individuals who need to take the IELTS certificates exam however wouldn't have a stable English foundation, don't understand the construction of the test or IELTS test types.
- IELTS class: for those who need to take an IELTS certificates and have an English background (grammar, pronunciation) and have a tough understanding of the IELTS examination however do not need a clear strategy.

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